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We will be closed Saturday, July 15th, 2017.
We're going to the track!

Walton Raceway

July 15-16  Motocross – Steel City Riders Club Double Header


As always, this year we are again sponsoring RAH ~ Riders Against Hunger

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Please check out our events page for more details on this and other upcoming exciting happenings!

What Do You Wear?
When travelling outside the USA, it's rare to see a motorcycle rider wearing anything but full gear: helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and boots. When travelling inside the USA, at least in some states, it's rare to see a motorcycle rider even wearing a helmet, let alone any protective gear. It's not uncommon to see a helmetless rider riding down the road wearing only shorts, a T-shirt, and flip-flops on a hot summer day. Interestingly, it is those who have survived a motorcycle crash who tend to become the biggest proponents of proper protective gear. Also, thank goodness, Canadians seem to have the sense to dress accordingly!

Here at Bart’s Motorcycle Shop we advocate the best protection possible ~ especially for new riders!

We have all kinds of gear for all rider types...
cruisers, sport bikes and MX.
Let one of our knowledgeable staff help fit you out for a safe riding

Also, see our "Helpful Tips" page for some good advice.


Are you nervous riding in high winds? Want to know what to expect if you haven't done it before?

We’ve been told countless stories about riding in the wind and how challenging it is... the high winds are really unsettling - gusting in the 30 kph range, it can feel like you are in a perpetual lean of 10-15 degrees just to keep going straight!

This kind of riding can be scary and even dangerous if you aren't sure of how to deal with the unexpected gusts. Riding on highways around tractor trailers in windy conditions can make it even worse. You go from a full crosswind to no crosswind at all, and back to full crosswind as you pass the tractor trailer. You need to prepare for this, to be ready to adjust your lean angle before you begin the pass.

The harder and more stiffly you grip the handlebars, the scarier and less in control you're going to be. Don't try to correct every little deviation - literally just go with the flow, let the bike do what it's going to do, and gently guide it in the direction you want. Prepare for sudden loss of wind when you go past a tractor trailer - and the sudden reappearance once it returns. The more experience you get doing it, the easier it will become.

That said, if it starts feeling unsafe, slow down - and if that doesn't help, just pull over.

By gripping too tightly you're only fighting it and wearing yourself down. Also, while relaxing your grip, drop your elbows closer to your body.

That's why you get  so exhausted by the time you stop. Tight grip on the bars =  white knuckles, tense shoulders and mind.   RELAX  your grip. (Similar when riding on gravel roads/grated bridge surfaces.)  The gyroscopic effect of the wheels spinning will keep you upright and headed in the direction you have the bike pointed (even though it may wander a little bit) ... albeit you are riding on a slant.

Anyplace with lots of open flat ground is susceptible to windy conditions.

Relax your grip on the handlebars!

Taller windshields will be affected more by high, gusting winds than shorter ones.

Remember to use COUNTER STEERING. Practice it. If you're not familiar with it, study up on it. You'll be glad you did.



Bartz Motorcycle Shop is now a Rekluse Clutch Dealer!


Need a high performance clutch for your Dirt Bike?

Call us now and order what your bike needs!


Cycle World West, (established in 2011),

became BARTZ Motorcycle Shop in April 2015!